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Starting The Day Right

Hello everyone, welcome back to Gluten Free Hannah!

Breakfast is one of the most important meals for me. Most mornings I wake up feeling hungry and I don’t feel ready for the day until I’ve had something to eat. When I’m at uni I normally have long days of lectures and studying so I like something that’s full of nutritional goodness that will give me a perfect start to the day.

When becoming gluten free, it was vital that I found a breakfast meal that I liked and would make me feel ready for the day ahead.

Before I was gluten free, I would eat 2 Weetabix every morning, and then often followed by some toast. I know what you’re thinking… GLUTEN OVERLOAD!!! Whilst I was being tested for Coeliac Disease I realised that every morning, I was filling my body with gluten, and suddenly I was reacting very badly to it. The breakfast that used to make me feel full of energy was starting to make me feel really unwell.


After my biopsy test, one of my first missions was to find a cereal. I went to all of my local superstores. They had various gluten free versions of a lot of cereals, rice krispies, corn flakes, coco pops etc… but none of this took my fancy. I knew that the regular versions of these cereals did not fill me up for breakfast. Then I came across Nutri-Brex, the gluten free equivalent of Weetabix.

To add a bit of variety, I also picked up Nature’s Path Nice and Nobbly granola, and Quaker’s Gluten Free Oats. The granola is clusters of gluten free oats, with dried strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries, and some small chunks of yoghurt. I really like this as a topping as it creates a nice texture with the sweet fruit and creamy yoghurt.

My go-to cereal combinations

My go-to breakfast now is two Nutri-Brex biscuits, topped with some granola. If I want something different, I sometimes have oats and granola. I find that both of these combinations fill me up and give me the energy I need for the day ahead.


Even if I do have cereal every day, I sometimes want something extra, especially at weekends. I used to have toast, however I have been testing out different breads but I haven’t found any that I really like yet. I didn’t really see the point of having toast when I wasn’t really enjoying it, so I found some alternatives. I picked up some American-style pancakes and crumpets by Genius.

If I’m still feeling peckish!

I think these are amazing. Without being told, I would never know that they were gluten free, they tasted exactly the same as regular pancakes and crumpets. The only thing I would say is to make sure that they are cooked properly, especially the crumpets, so that the top layer is nice and crispy.


Finally, if I’m having a busy day out and about, or I’ve had to leave the house early, then I know by mid-morning I’ll be wanting something to snack on. Currently my two favourite on the go snacks are Nature’s Path Nice and Nobbly granola bars, and Nairn’s biscuit breaks.

Snack packs

The granola bars come in a pack of 5, with each bar individually wrapped. The bars are made of gluten free oats, and dark chocolate chips, held together with a sweet, sugary honey. The Nairn’s biscuit breaks come as a box of 4 packets each containing 4 biscuits. The flavour I like the best is oats and chocolate chip. The biscuits are nice and crispy with the added sweetness of the chocolate chips. They are both perfect for throwing in your bag and eating on the go. I love the fact that they are individually wrapped, they are so easy, and so fuss-free, and they are an essential for me.

I feel so much happier now I have a selection of breakfast food that I enjoy. It means that when I get up I can eat without worrying about how much pain and discomfort it will bring me.

What are your favourite things to eat for breakfast? Do you have any recommendations that I should try? Also, where are the best places to eat out for gluten free breakfasts? Please let me know in the comments!!

Until next time,

Hannah x

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