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My Top 5 Schar

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Gluten Free Hannah!

One of the things I noticed when I first walked down the gluten free aisle was the bright yellow packaging of Schar. It really stands out on the shelf, and for good reasons too. Schar provide a massive variety of gluten free products, from breads and biscuits, to crackers and, most recently, waffles! Schar is a very popular brand that provides gluten free products at a very high quality, so it’s no wonder the gluten free aisles are dominated by their yellow packaging.

I haven’t yet tried a Schar product that I don’t like, having said that, I definitely have my favourites! So, here are my top 5 Schar products.

1. Schar Panini Rolls

These are my go-to lunchtime snack. They are perfect when heated up slightly in the oven or toaster, to just make them a little bit warm and crispy. Add some cheese, tomatoes, ham, chicken, or anything else you fancy and you have the perfect lunch. As with all gluten free bread, some rolls have quite big ‘holes’ in, but once the paninis are filled, it’s hardly noticeable. Whilst they can be eaten cold, in my opinion they are much nicer when they are heated and toasty. Each pack of 3 panini rolls cost around £2.00, and often have very long use by dates on them which makes them perfect to store for an emergency! These paninis are also lactose free and low FODMAP.


2. Grissini Breadsticks

These breadsticks are so delicious, they are so light and crispy. They are not a regular in my diet however they are perfect for snacking on. Either on their own, dipped in hummus, melted cheese, however you like! I like to eat them as part of nibbles before a dinner with friends and family or as part of a party buffet. Each box has 3 smaller portions of breadsticks in, meaning that the unopened breadsticks stay fresh. These are quite pricey at £2.50 a box, which seems a bit extortionate considering ‘normal’ grissini breadsticks are available for 80p per box. However, they are perfect for an occasional treat. Again, not only are they gluten free, they are also lactose free.



3. Pretzels

Schar’s pretzels are the perfect on the go snack and a great alternative to crisps. They are crunchy and really well salted, which makes them taste amazing. I love throwing a pack of these in my bag, especially if I am going out for the whole day, or seeing my friends, as they are so easy and fuss free. Perfect for when you feel peckish, at any time of the day! Each bag is 60g which is two portions, or maybe one large portion, depending on how hungry you are or if you are sharing with others! Each bag costs about £1.00, but I have seen them in Asda for around 80p a few times. The pretzels are free from gluten and lactose.


4. Chocolate fingers

These. Are. Addictive. You have been warned! Chocolate fingers are just biscuits covered in chocolate but there is something about them which means you can’t stop eating them. I love these with a cup of tea, as an afternoon snack, whilst watching tv… basically there is no bad time to have them. If you haven’t tried these already I highly recommend that you do! These are my favourite biscuits from Schar, and they make a lot of different ones! They come priced at around £2.00 per box.


5. Waffles

Schar announced that it was bringing these waffles out in September and they were highly anticipated by the gluten free community. And yes, you should believe the hype. Currently only available in larger Tesco stores they aren’t the easiest to get your hands on, but they’re definitely worth picking up if you do see them! Toast the waffles for less than a minute and then load them up with your favourite toppings. This has become my new favourite weekend brunch food. Of course, topped with Nutella and banana. The only downside again, is the price. I think they are quite expensive as they are priced at £2.00 for a pack of 4 waffles. Comparing this to the McVities non-gluten free toaster waffles which are available at £1.30 for a pack of 8. Having said that, the price will not stop me from buying them when I see them on the shelf.


So, there you have it, my favourite 5 Schar products. It was very hard to narrow down to only 5 but at the moment this is what I’ve been loving. What are your favourite Schar products? Which other Schar products do you recommend that I try? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading and until next time,

Hannah x

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