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Days Out

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Gluten Free Hannah.

Becoming gluten free requires some thought whenever there is a plan to do something, especially if the plan involves eating out. I like to know that wherever I may be going, there will be somewhere that accommodates gluten free eaters well, and there will be something I want to eat (basically something on the menu other than salad!).

Since I was a child I have been going to football matches most weekends to support Leicester City. As I got older, this included going to away matches. My dad, grandad, sister and I would travel across the country to the match, and either stop somewhere on the way to eat, or eat at our destination. Since becoming gluten free, this has started getting trickier.

I have had to do more research on the places we head to, and what restaurants are there. If we are going to London, or any other big city for that matter, then it is a lot easier as the range of options is much, much wider. However, not all football grounds are close to the city centre amongst lots of restaurants.

Last weekend we travelled to Swansea, and the football ground is a way out from Swansea city centre, with very little around it. There is a Harvester pub and Frankie & Benny’s close by, both would have been fine had they not been fully booked.

On the other side of the road, was Rossi’s, a fish and chip takeaway with a small seating area inside. Having checked the menu online, I could see that they offered some gluten free options, but if that failed, then they had some other options such as jacket potatoes.


I was delighted when I got there and was told that I could have gluten free cod and chips. It didn’t disappoint either! The weather was grey, wet and windy, and eating before the match meant not knowing if Leicester City had won or lost yet, but at least if we lost, I’d had a lovely meal of fish and chips that day! Turns out we won, so it was a good day, with good food as well!

Planning days out can be tricky, however, with enough research and organisation beforehand, they don’t have to be complicated. There is just no element of surprise, since if you’re like me, you’ve probably already checked out the menu chosen your meal!

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Until next time,

Hannah x

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