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48 Hours in London

Hello everyone and welcome, back to Gluten Free Hannah!

It’s my birthday this week and so to celebrate I decided to meet my family in London, so we could spend some time together and go out for a meal for my birthday.

I had two really nice meals over the weekend so I thought I’d share my experience.


I got the train from Bristol to London on Friday afternoon. We stayed in Stratford, overlooking the Olympic Park. On the Friday night, we needed something quick as we had a football match to go to. We decided that Pizza Express was a good choice, and it didn’t disappoint. You always know that there’s something to have in Pizza Express as all of their Classic and Romana pizzas can be made on a gluten free base, and who doesn’t like pizza.

To start with I had the gluten free dough balls, a classic off the menu, and I’m so, so glad they have a gluten free option. They are one of my favourite things to eat. For main course, I had the Padana pizza on a gluten free base. I honestly think that Pizza Express do the best pizzas, they are always so fresh and crispy. It never takes me long to finish mine off!



On Saturday night, we wanted to go to somewhere a bit different, somewhere that we hadn’t been to before. That place was Sushi Samba. Before even mentioning the food, this restaurant is on the 38th floor of Heron Tower, and oh my goodness, the views across London are incredible. But anyway, on to the food. As the name suggests, it is a Japanese style restaurant, where the idea is to order lots of small plates of food to share. They have a gluten free menu, and our waiter was very knowledgeable about the creation of the dishes and which parts were gluten free, or could be made gluten free. Whilst the gluten free menu was significantly smaller than the normal menu, there was still plenty to choose from.

Ordering the plates to share meant that they all came at different times, however as they arrived, our waiter explained what the dishes were, which parts were gluten free and which parts weren’t. This was so helpful as it meant that I didn’t have to worry about what was on the dish, or keep referring to the menu to work out what was on each plate.

The food was delicious, and helped further by the breath-taking scenes of London at night from 38 floors high.

I’ve had such a lovely weekend in London, celebrating with my family, and I know the meal at Sushi Samba will be one I remember for a long, long time.

Thank you so much for reading, and let me know if you’ve found any restaurants that are really well suited to gluten free eaters – I’d love to try some out!

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Until next time,

Hannah x


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