Gluten Free Hannah

5 Things I’ve Learnt…

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Gluten Free Hannah! (It’s been a while…!)

I took some time off over Christmas, and now my January exams are done, so I’m back! I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and New Year, and the January blues haven’t kicked in too much yet.

Since it has been about 6 months since I started my gluten free journey, here are 5 things I’ve learnt so far.

1) Plan your days

Having days out or going out to eat doesn’t have to be a chore, you just have to be prepared. Wherever you’re planning to go, and whatever you’re planning to do, it will be much more enjoyable if you know that your gluten free needs will be catered for. The anxiety of not finding something to eat will be gone, and it will be much less stressful. It can be as simple as checking a restaurant menu online, or giving them a call to see what they have available.

2) Take food and snacks everywhere

This might be as a result of not being sure if somewhere caters for gluten free, or if like me, you just know you’re going to need something to snack on throughout the day, you will never regret packing some food into your bag ‘just in case’.  If there’s a chance that you might end up in McDonald’s, you’ll be thanking yourself for putting a gluten free bread roll in your bag, so that you can enjoy your burger just as much as everyone else is.

3) Don’t be restricted to the Free From aisles

When I was first diagnosed with a gluten intolerance, I panicked, and spent hours looking at Free From aisles to see what I would be eating from now on. You do not need to do this. Plenty of foods are naturally free from gluten anyway, and lots of supermarkets are making their food gluten free now. It might not be in big, bright letters on the front of the packet, but you might surprise yourself by finding the words ‘gluten free’ somewhere, even if it is tiny on the back. Always check your favourites!

4) Social media will become your best friend

Maybe you don’t know anyone else who is gluten free. Don’t worry! There are plenty of Facebook groups and Twitter and Instagram accounts that are dedicated to the gluten free world. From favourite recipes, new products and restaurant recommendations, to general tips, tricks, and the answers to your questions. Social media is definitely a community of support.

5) It gets easier

Trust me, it does. Over the last 6 months, I’ve become used to my new diet. I know more about what I can and can’t have, and which parts of certain meals I can and can’t have. I have become more confident about telling people that I can’t have something, without feeling like I’m being fussy and awkward. I don’t dread going to other people’s house for dinner anymore, as I know they’ll have tried their best to cater for me.

Thank you so much for reading, don’t forget you can follow me on twitter @glutenfree_han and you can subscribe at the bottom of this page to get an email every time I upload a new post, so you’re sure not to miss one!

Until next time,

Hannah x


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