Gluten Free Food Reviews

Top 5: Genius

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Gluten Free Hannah!

As I’m sure you know, there are a few brands that are smashing their gluten free ranges at the moment, and Genius is definitely one of them. They are well stocked in most supermarkets and have such a wide range of products. Pies, pastry, bagels, pitta breads, cupcakes, crumpets…. They have it all!

Here are 5 products from Genius that I have been loving recently…

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Gluten Free Food Reviews

Rothley Fisheries

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Gluten Free Hannah!

You can’t beat a good fish and chips, and so a few weeks ago I went with my grandparents and my cousins to their local fish and chip shop, Rothley Fisheries.

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Gluten Free Food Reviews

Gluten Free Finds – M&S, Tesco

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Gluten Free Hannah.

This is my first Christmas since becoming gluten free, and whilst the actual Christmas dinner doesn’t seem to be that much of a problem, other meals that involve cooking for large groups can be trickier, especially light nibbles and snacks. Therefore, I have been shopping and found some gluten free bites and sweet treats.

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Gluten Free Food Reviews

A Day At The Seaside

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Gluten Free Hannah!

Last weekend I had a lovely day out at the seaside with my family. The main reason for the trip was to take my dog to the beach – he’s nearly three years old now and has barely left Leicestershire! So, last Saturday we packed up a few things and headed off to north Norfolk.

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Gluten Free Food Reviews

Starting The Day Right

Hello everyone, welcome back to Gluten Free Hannah!

Breakfast is one of the most important meals for me. Most mornings I wake up feeling hungry and I don’t feel ready for the day until I’ve had something to eat. When I’m at uni I normally have long days of lectures and studying so I like something that’s full of nutritional goodness that will give me a perfect start to the day.

When becoming gluten free, it was vital that I found a breakfast meal that I liked and would make me feel ready for the day ahead.

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